About Us

Organic & Natural

Our products and services are based on natural ways to bring stress relief to your life.  All our products are natural, organic and vegan, not tested on animals. From the moment you put your feet into the brass foot baths whose natural qualities help reduce inflammation to the nail polish without formaldehyde, our products are simple and natural.

Egyptian Modalities

The history of spa treatments trace back to the Ancient Egyptians...with warm water, lemons and rose petals in foot bath treatments for detox and relaxation. Techniques such as Reflexology and Massage to help heal body and mind. Also, makeup and facials used to protect, beautify and enhance the skin. Lastly, music and sound therapy to escape to total relaxation!

Stress Relief on the First Touch

Come and experience for yourself - we will make you feel like a Queen and a King.  From hands-on Reflexology and Massage, our technicians are trained to give you the care you deserve!